120 economically backward families near Kattupalli receive Water Purifiers from Adani Foundation

Water Purifiers From Adani Foundation
120 Economically Backward Families Near Kattupalli Receive Water Purifiers From Adani Foundation

Adani Foundation is carrying out various Community Development initiatives for the development of small fishing villages and hamlets located in and around the Kattupalli Port area. These initiatives are conducted in collaboration with the Government and local authority support as a part of Adani Kattupalli Port’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Adani Foundation extends various social welfare services such as providing free bicycles to school children from economically backward families, providing free drinking water purifiers and facilitating tarpaulin roofing to ensure there are no leaks into homes during the monsoon season. In addition to these initiatives that improve day to day life, the Adani Skill Development Centre provides free skills development and vocational training to improve the livelihood of women in the surrounding areas.

Water Purifiers provide clean drinking water and enhance the day to day life of the local community living in the slums in the Tiruvallur district which have been identified to lack basic sanitation and drinking water facilities. The Adani Foundation has already provided hundreds of these drinking water purifiers to economically backward families who have very meagre resources.

Today the Adani Foundation through the Adani Kattupalli Port CSR division had distributed the Water Purifiers to 120 rural families that had been identified at the Sengazhaneer Medu settlement at Thiruvellaivayal near the Kattupalli Port.

This event was inaugurated by the Panchayat President Mr. Gopi and presided over by Dr. Rajesh, Block Medical Officer-Minjur, who distributed drinking water purifiers to the beneficiaries. Voyalur Panchayat Vice President Mr. Rajesh, Councillor Mrs. Mahalakshmi Prakasam and Sengazhaneer Medu Colony Ward member Mrs. Radhika Venkatesh were in the forefront.

The ceremony was attended by many including the general public, the Adani Foundation and the Adani Kattupalli Port officials. Adani Kattupalli Port and Adani Foundation’s senior officials also addressed the gathering on this occasion.


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