58% of e-commerce customers say their negative ratings are not published.

According to LocalCircles, nearly 65 % believe product ratings are positively biased.

e-commerce customers

The government’s consumer affairs office announced in May that it would create a framework to prevent fake reviews. Currently, a recent LocalCircles survey reveals that 58% of consumers believe e-commerce websites don’t display their negative ratings and reviews.

It was discovered that 64% of people visit e-commerce websites to read ratings and reviews. Nearly 65% of people believe that product reviews are biased in favour of the seller. Only 18% found ratings to be accurate.

According to a similar survey conducted in 2019, 62% of consumers said most product reviews were biased in favor of the seller, while only 14% believed the reviews were truthful. In the last 12 months, 80% of consumers who used e-commerce sites reported experiencing at least one situation where a highly rated product fall short of their expectations.

To the question on what has been the experience when they post a low rating or a negative review of a product on e-commerce sites/apps, only 23% said that their opinion was “published as it is.”

Local Circle said the biggest issue is a genuine, verified consumer review or rating being rejected by e-commerce platforms under the category of “it does not meet our norms for ratings and reviews”.

Many customers only have ratings and reviews as a means of expressing their unhappiness if they receive a non-returnable or fake product or a completely different product. The majority of users claim that e-commerce platforms are engaging in unfair trade practices by stifling the information given by customers.

The percentage of consumers whose negative review or rating was held back by e-commerce sites has risen from 47 per cent in 2019 to 58 per cent in 2022. Further, the percentage of citizens saying their reviews are published has reduced from 27% to 23% in the same period.


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