Amazon Prime is preparing for a significant revamp.

The revamp will resemble Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar.


This week, Amazon Prime Video will get a new appearance as part of a strategy the company announced. Since its debut in 2011, Amazon Prime Video has maintained the same user experience and aesthetic. The streaming service has tightened its belt to give its users a simpler experience, much like its competitors Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar.

Android devices, smart TVs, Roku, Apple, Android TV, and game consoles will all be able to access the new rollout.

An improved and more user-friendly main menu search bar is one of the significant enhancements Amazon has made to the OTT platform. For a clutter-free and engaging living room experience, Amazon Prime Video added a navigation menu to the left of the screen. Six categories have been used to elegantly group the newly added navigation button: Home, Store, Find, Live TV, My Stuff, and Free with Ads. Additionally, there is a sub-navigation function for browsing by Content, such as Movies, TV Shows, and Sports under the Home area and Channels, Rent or Buy under the Store part.

The content that is offered to Prime and non-Prime subscribers has always been a big source of criticism for Amazon Prime Video. Every piece of material that is available through a Prime subscription will have a blue checkmark icon next to it. A shopping bag icon will appear next to any content that one must purchase, rent, or subscribe to.

Amazon Prime will soon offer a “trending” list, similar to Netflix. The TOP 10 ranking, which will only include Amazon Originals, Exclusives, and Prime Video Cinema, will display what is currently popular. Users will also be able to view the Super Carousel, which centers content and has enormous poster-style images.

With its “Find” feature, Amazon claims to have simplified the search option. Searches can be filtered here based on particular authors, categories, or even 4K streaming quality.

The sports section has a carousel of its own that highlights leagues, occasions, and even specific clubs. Sports documentaries will now be available on the OTT platform. The platform for live streaming sports and activities will be live TV.


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