Are we in the wake of Covid 19 Third wave

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Are we in the wake of Covid 19 Third wave? Few Countries showing early symptoms – Children more vulnerable to the virus as per reports.

The corona virus has taken the world by storm. With every country recuperating from the second wave, there has been alerts on an upcoming third wave.

Singapore has diagnosed a new variant that has been infecting children in the third wave of Covid 19. The number of cases is seen to rise in children in Singapore during their wait for the vaccination for children. Brazil has reported that over 2000 children have succumbed to covid. Reportedly, The United Kingdom is said to have shown early signs of third wave as per statement from an Advisor to the UK Government.

India has been sending alerts across the nation to take precautionary measures to lessen the impact of the third wave, if one rises.  Maharashtra witnessed 8000 covid cases in children in the month May, 2021. 

In a report released by State Bank of India, India’s largest public sector bank, it stated that “Average duration of third wave for top countries is 98 days and that of the second wave is 108 days, with third wave peak as a multiple of second at 1.8 and second wave as a multiple of first at 5.2 (for India it was at 4.2)”

Since children are more vulnerable in the possible third wave, vaccinations will be of priority to children aged between 12-18 in India as per reports.

Countries are focusing on vaccinations, social distancing and other covid 19 norms to be adhered to, in order to lessen the impact of the ongoing deadly corona virus.


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