Black fungus poses deadly threat amongst pandemic


Black fungus poses deadly threat amongst pandemic – States asked to declare infection as “Notifiable Disease”

Fungal infections are usually very common in humans and can be treated quickly. The rise of Black Fungus has proved otherwise. Covid 19 post recovery patients face the highest risk of being infected with Black Fungus. 

 Black fungus infection, or the deadly mucormycosis, is caused by a group of moulds called ‘mucormycetes’. It is said to infect patients who are in their post recovery phase of Covid 19 causing them to re admit in the hospital with facial deformities. 

As per studies, the symptoms include:

  • Formation of black crust around the nose
  • Headaches
  • Swelling in/and around the forehead, eyes, cheeks and other parts of the face 
  • Loss of vision/partial blindness 
  • Pulmonary infections

Severity of this infection is seen in high level diabetic patients. Cancer prone patients face the threat too.

Health Minister Harshvardhan has addressed the Black Fungus on twitter stating “#Mucormycosis, commonly known as ‘#BlackFungus’ has been observed in a number of #COVID19 patients recently. Awareness & early diagnosis can help curb the spread of the fungal infection” and had shared information on how to detect the fungal infection at early stages.

India’s Health Ministry has asked the state governments to declare Black Fungus as a “notifiable disease” under the Epidemic Act which leads to identifying and tracking every case.


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