BMW Motorrad launches new G310 RR.

India-based joint venture partner TVS Motor will produce the third model in the 310 series.


The new G 310 RR from BMW Motorrad has a starting MSRP of 2.85 lakh. Following the German manufacturer’s adventure bike, the G 310 GS, and its naked roadster, the G 310 R, the new full-fairing sports bike is the third motorbike in the 310 model series. More than 10,000 units have already been sold of the series’ first two bikes combined.

BMW now hopes that the brand extension will bring in additional clients. The new bike is available in two variations, with the Style Sport variation, which costs 2.99 lakh, standing out mostly due to its paint job and addition of racing decals. Together with TVS Motor Company, BMW Motorrad co-developed the new sports bike. Along with the first two models, TVS Motor will also produce the G 310 RR at its Hosur facility.

The design of the BMW G 310 RR, which bears a strong resemblance to the TVS Apache RR 310, is highlighted by its road racing heritage. It makes a statement in the road-race category with its superbike-inspired design and motorsport-themed colours. According to BMW, the complete fairing, intelligent dimensions, and lightweight materials all contribute to the aerodynamic design’s optimization and provide precise handling. The Ram Air intake makes the most of the incoming air flow, and the gill vents make sure that the hot air is directed away from the engine.

The bike’s huge transparent visor, full-LED lighting, and all-black handlebars give it an aggressive and angular appearance. Front-wheel orientation permeates the entire fly line. Its racing orientation is reinforced by the striking front, tank-hugging seating posture, and a pulled-up, short rear. New, high-end components that add grip and control, like the standard gold upside-down fork, aluminium swing arm, handlebars with controls, and Michelin Pilot Street radial tyres, blend in beautifully with the character.

The BMW G 310 RR is equipped with the same water-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, 313cc engine with electronic fuel injection as is found in the TVS Apache RR 310. Maximum power for the engine is 34PS at 9,700 rpm, and maximum torque is 27.3Nm at 7,700 rpm. From 0 to 60 kmph, the motorcycle accelerates in 2.9 seconds. A race-tuned anti-hopping clutch with self-reinforcement is available with the 6-speed gearbox to lessen engine braking. This is supposed to considerably improve rider safety, particularly during braking manoeuvres and downshifts done simultaneously. Additionally, the clutch lever’s operating force is decreased. Track, Urban, Rain, and Sport are the four riding modes that come standard on the 310 RR.

The focus of the Track mode is on acceleration and braking, with the ABS set for late braking into curves. Because the ABS and throttle response are tuned for urban traffic, the acceleration and braking behaviour in urban mode are balanced. The best acceleration and greatest deceleration values are provided by sport mode. When Ride by Wire is used in conjunction with Rain mode, the ABS responds very quickly to ensure riding security and stability control on slippery roads.


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