Facebook Goes Green – Southern Indian State a source of power for the Giant Tech Firm

Facebook Goes Green
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Data centre survey says that giant Tech firms like Facebook use 1% of the world’s total energy.

To make an initiative, Facebook has signed a deal to buy renewable energy from a local firm’s wind power project in India making it one of a kind deals for the Giant Tech in the South Asian Nation.

The project sized at 32 mega watts is located in Southern Karnataka state which has also partnered with Mumbai-based Cleanmax. 

The companies will operate together in supplying renewable power into India’s electrical grid.

Cleanmax will own and operate the projects while Facebook will buy the power off the grid using environmental attribute certificates or carbon credits.

Facebook’s Head of Renewable Energy, Urvi Parekh has stated that Facebook will not be owning any power plants, instead the Firm will sign long term contracts.

Similar Projects have been taken as an initiative by Facebook in Singapore. These steps are taken to generate power to the Firm’s first Asian Data Centre that is set for operations from 2022.

Reportedly, Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is globally operating entirely supported by renewable energy and has reached zero net emissions. 


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