Google set to launch new device

Google Launch New Device
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Google set to launch new device – Android 12 exhibits advanced features

Google has announced the launch of Android 12. After 2014, Android has altered the appearance of the interface. The newly tweaked Android has refreshing features that will be captivating for Android users. 

The significant change is the user interface design named “Material You” which personalizes the experience for Android fans. The interface is more dynamic and responsive.

Privacy and security have been taken into priority by Google since they have added a Privacy Dashboard showing a collective information of accessed data and permitted apps. A feature of blocking Camera and/or Microphone has been added for all apps.

The layout of the lock screen and Clock is reportedly being updated. Other features include Android 12 being able to operate as a TV Remote for all Android TV devices.

Google has similar feature of awakening Google Assistant in this new version just like in iPhone. A long press of the button will summon Google Assistant in Android 12. 

The device is likely to be launched during September or October post their final run through.



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