India ka Truckwala Business.


A seminal survey brings out interesting facets of the India’s logistic industry.
As an Industry observer, I have always been fascinated by the introductory phase of articles, where an explanatory description would speak about the logistic industry not being about mere shifting of goods from one point by truck to the other. It would then emphasize to the lay reader that it involves highly skilled work force, capital intensive equipment and infrastructure and cutting edge technological process to maintain this time and cost sensitive industry moving on its wheels litrailrly.

So, you can image my surprise, when I looked at the respondent’s inputs for a survey. I was a lead member for the analytical team set up to draw industry insights and perspectives.
The first response the team looked at was to the offered options of what constituted their core business in logistics. The questionnaire was designed for the respondent to make an informed choice on the basis of his own perception of the real area of value addition the company was providing.
To draw the right conclusions, we need to base evaluation of responses from the perspective of their position in the industry matrix.
So we found that 24% of the respondents were exclusively in general road transport. While 54 % of all respondents provided the basic F/FWD service and 37% provide Custom clearance and shipping. However only a small number are able to provide full container load service. It probably indicates the aggregator role a major portion of the player provide to a large base of importers and exporters on international shipping.
The group which said it was a total solution provider was 37%. There was keen interest from non logistic segments like manufacturers and e-com, this showed the importance of logistics on their core business was a major factor. The group was 13 % of the respondents.
So we were able to mine interesting insights to perceptions of industry’s own evaluation of services and the influences that it had on their responses to a whole lot of aspects that affects the logistics industry.
The next blog will share what the major concerns are that worries the industry now especially after the pandemic disruption world over.
So till next time, phir meleanga


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