Indian logistics expertise – moving across boundaries


Amidst the pandemonium of the Pandemic, a quite evolution of an Indian company as it set its footprint on the global logistic market, was lost by all due to COVID media.

Logistics is generally conceived as the movement of freight by road, rail and ship. Few appreciate the high level of technology, skills, expertise and heavy investment in asset infrastructure and sheer human capital that lies behind the world of efficient movement of goods over a complex network.

Global project cargo is a specific niche segment that requires sophisticated technical capabilities and agile time management and precision planning and execution expertise. The partner ensures collection of all project equipment and machinery from its original contracted suppliers, ships it to the country of destination, moves over land to the project site, and carries out the erection and installation of the equipment. Seamlessly coordinating across multimodal transition and unloading at site is crucial for reliable and safe completion.

Insert a site photograph of NTC site.
Caption: Companies that were able to execute projects during the pandemic period survived the onslaught of closures and liquidity issues
The project cargo logistic industry was reeling under the demand stress due to the slow down in investments across different infrastructure segments like power, coal, steel and roads etc. even before the pandemic struck the final blow.

Hence companies that were able to execute projects during this period survived the onslaught of closures and liquidity issues. It is the story of one such company from Chennai, NTC logistics group an Indian project cargo company, carried out the time bound TCI( Transport Carry and Install) logistics contract for biggest wind power project in Sri Lanka, the 200 MW Wind power project, for the Ceylon power company. It involved over 30 turbines being installed in single months’ time.


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