India’s prowess in IT was built from its innovative entrepreneurship of its progressive youth


India’s greatness and spirit was never conquered despite the long extended colonial rule. The fact that we achieved our independence entirely by an innovative political positioning of the Satyagraha, alone is the final proof, if at all required, of our tradition, history and culture having remained intact despite and in spite of equally rich cultures traversing our lands.

This historic fact should put beyond any reasonable debate the latter day philosophy of the aggressor occupier Vs the victim that is being played out by of our democratic Rajas. Indians imbibed the best of these cultures, seamlessly assimilating the virtues and filtering out the viruses that plague any society.

Nationalism was never a reason or basis for cultivating hatred, while being totally non negotiable in matters of governance. But we are today posed with a theocratic approach to any aspect including science, sociology and educative processes in our administrative fabric. Nationalism has assumed a strange dividing line defining nonexistent, imaginative historical narrative.

Though strong regional traditions and cultures coexsist in our neighboring countries, geo political forces have ensured we define and treat them as permanent historical foes. India is actually a recombinant of over 100 languages and rich divergent cultural and traditions spanning the subcontinent right up to southeast asian countires like Thailand and Cambodia.

Our rightful claim of having invented the concept of zero, symbolizes the inherent space for contrarian values however distanced from ones view. European history is replete with innovates ending up on the stakes of fire. Innovation stems from a society where freedom of thought is held in almost revered and sanctified. Can we claim India of today as a heaven of freedom where expression of the different perceptions can be freely made?

We are closer to the logic of marauders and charlatans that annihilate the helpless and innocent of power only to secure for ourselves a deeper state that ensures the survival of the kings clan.

The knowledge and wisdom of our people can be trampled but not owned by a force other than love and humanism. The blood that was shed on an eventful prayer meeting cried out = Hey Ram with the dying breath. The pangs of pain and humiliation of the Indian people will resonate that dying ethos of eternal divine love for all despite the scourge of hate mongers,

Innovation does not birth from the greed of kings and emperors or dictators. History has repeatedly retold about the selfless souls have shown ageless wisdom and happiness to mankind and not for the sake of power and prestige.

Governments may claim credit for Adhar as its brain child. The genesis lies with the corridors of ordinary men in IT that conceptualized and finally rolled it out, any deficiency being limitations as imposed by a ruling class worried of its losing its own identity and privileges.


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