Iphone 13 mini prototype leaked

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iPhone 13 mini prototype leaked – Product specs ensure faster performance.

The Mobile industry pioneer Apple is rumored to be releasing 4 versions of iPhone 13 which is the next in series after iPhone 12 series.

 Apple phones are known to be very private till their launch of their products but a prototype of the iPhone 13 Mini was released showcasing its different features.

Iphone12 has not received positive feedback due to poor functionalities. So the Tech Giant is said to be more determined in making the next series of phone a success. Like its predecessors, iPhone 13 is rumored to have 4 versions of it including an iPhone mini. 

As far as specifications are concerned, the prototype of iPhone 13 Mini shows a similar diagonal camera setup. The phone appears to be thicker than iPhone 12 Mini. A blog source has mentioned that iPhone 13 Mini will have the same 5.4 inch display as iPhone 12 Mini. The display and camera will be the major appeal for the phone.

iPhone 13’s are said to bring support for the latest Wi-Fi compliance, i.e. Wi-Fi 6/6E. 

Reportedly, iPhone 13 Pro is said to be launched in June, 2021. The iPhone mini is rumored to arrive in June. As far as pricing is concerned, Apple might want to price them at an affordable range due to the unsuccessful outcome in the previous model.


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