Looking to switch your career? Here’s an 8 step plan


Are you considering switching careers? Are you confused deciding between staying in your current field and moving to a new one? Or do you have the skills that you are not using in your current one?

Changing your career is a very big decision, and one with many possible outcomes. It is also very common. Research shows that an average person in India changes his career 6 times over the course of his or her professional life.

Just like any big life changing decisions, switching careers requires planning, time and most importantly patience. A successful career change can take upto few months to accomplish when you have the right strategy in place; without one, you can end up being lost for a long time.

 In order to properly craft and execute your plan for switching careers, start with these 8 steps:

  1. Define what you want from your career change – What is it that you want to achieve by changing careers? How will switching careers match with your values and goals?
  2. Recognise that switching careers is different form changing jobs – if you’ve changed jobs in the past, you know that it is a hectic experience. Trying to change your career takes even more work and research from your side. You will need to be completely prepared.
  3. Engage your network – you may not immediately know someone who is working in your desired field, but there is a chance that you might have a second or third degree connection to someone who does. Utilise your network as it can be an invaluable source of intel.
  4. Build your network – Look to connect with other career changers or influencers and professionals in your desired field. For example, if you’re looking to get into branding, It would be great for you to join an organization for branding professionals. Such an organization can contribute free advice on how you can switch your career smoothly.
  5. Focus on your transferrable skills – you’ve had a career in one field and you’re looking to move into another, you will have lots of transferrable skills that can be used to your advantage. For example – staff management, customer service and planning etc. Make sure you leverage your transferrable skills and use it to your advantage.
  6. Rewrite your whole resume – If you’re looking to switch your career, you can’t expect the recruiters to show interest in the resume that you used for your old career. Switching careers naturally calls a new resume, to save time consider using a resume builder.
  7. Prepare to answer questions about why you want to change careers – If you’ve taken time and identified what is it that you want to achieve, then the answer to this question should be easy for you. The key here is to frame it in such a way that it is very clear for the interviewer that you are being serious about your career change and you will add value to the organization.
  8. Set your expectations right – you must understand that career changes can take a long time. The journey of switching your career from one to another is not an easy job. It often requires multiple small steps so that you can reach that end goal.

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