“Saluting the Mahatma”, the performance was a platform for the students OF ADANI VIDYA MANDIR to learn and express creatively

Saluting The Mahatma
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Ahmedabad : Adani Vidya Mandir students celebrated Gandhi Jayanti each year, it holds a special significance for Ahmedabad – where Bapu resided after returning from South Africa. The city has witnessed his great contributions for India’s freedom struggle and is home to the Sabarmati Ashram. On the occasion of his 152nd birth anniversary, 32 students of standard VIII to XI of Adani Vidya Mandir, Ahmedabad (AVMA) enacted the life and values of Mahatma Gandhi at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel domestic airport by performing a flash mob. Adani Vidya Mandir is a flagship school of Adani Foundation, the CSR arm of Adani Group.

Titled “Saluting the Mahatma”, the AVMA students’ performance aimed to pay tributes to the Father of our nation who led the fight for independence through non-violence. It was a humble attempt to commemorate his life and remember his values by taking the artistic route. The unique celebration was replete with music, dance and creativity. It was a medium to not only inspire the students but also the passengers at the airport, prompting them to reflect and relive on Gandhian principles.

Hon’ble trustee of AVMA Smt Shilin Adani wishes that the students understand and take pride in India’s rich history and culture. “It was Bapu’s love for his motherland and his people that made him fight for freedom and battle caste discrimination. He promoted non-violence, Satyagraha, cleanliness, and the Swadeshi movement, amongst many other things. We believe that there is no better way to learn than through actions and creative expressions,” she said.



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