Tamilnadu under strict week-long lockdown

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Tamil Nadu under strict week-long lockdown – Here is what you need to know

Tamilnadu has entered a week-long complete lockdown starting from today due to the rise in Covid cases in various parts of the state. A lockdown with relaxations was implemented across the state till May 23.  After a brief discussion with a team of medical experts and legislature parties’ representatives, this decision was taken by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, M K Stalin.

The newly imposed lockdown is rigid with no relaxations. Stricter measures were taken due to excessive roaming of public in various parts of the state in spite of lockdown. The announcement was made on Saturday followed by relaxing a few rules such as operation of shops till 9pm on Saturday. Sunday witnessed a complete operation of all shops between 6AM and 9PM. All public transport was allowed to function during Saturday and Sunday for the convenience of the public due to lockdown beginning from May 24.

The full lockdown will function under the following regulations regarding the movement of essential services.

  • Essential Government departments will function in various parts of the state.
  • The Department of Horticulture will supply vegetables and fruits to people across the state.
  • E-commerce activities can be carried out between 8AM to 6PM.
  • Take away services alone will be permitted in hotels from 6AM to 10AM, 12PM to 3PM and 6PM to 9PM. Food delivery service entities like Swiggy and Zomato are allowed to deliver food during the operational hours.
  • ATM and other services will function.
  • Petrol and Diesel bunks will operate.
  • Pharmacies, country drug stores, veterinary pharmacies, milk supply, drinking water supply and supply of newspapers will be permitted.
  • Banks will operate on 1/3 staff capacity from 10AM to 2PM. 
  • Freight vehicles carrying essential commodities will be permitted.
  • Inter-district travel will be allowed only for attending funeral last rites with e-pass.
  • No need for e-pass for travelling within the district for medical reasons.
  • Continuous process industries and industries manufacturing essential commodities will be allowed to function.

Tamilnadu recorded 35,483 Covid cases on Sunday and 422 fatalities on the same day. The number of active COVID-19 cases in Tamil Nadu is 2,94,143 as of Sunday. 


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