TN Government lends out hand to children who are orphaned due to Covid 19

Orphaned Due To Covid 19

TN Government lends out hand to children who are orphaned due to Covid 19 – A sum of 5 lakhs and various measures including educational expenses to be taken to help the children.

Tamilnadu Chief Minister M K Stalin has announced a sum of 5 lakhs which will be deposited in names of children who have been orphaned due to the loss of their parents to Covid 19. 

This relief measure package was announced after a meeting being held by the Chief Minister in the Secretariat. 

The package includes the following measures for the children to cope with their loss.

  • The sum of 5 lakhs will be deposited in the names of the children, they will receive the amount with the interest at 18 years of age completion.
  • Admission in hostels and Government homes will be provided by the Government for these children based on priority.
  • The educational costs including the hostel fees etc., will be borne by the Government for all of these children.
  • To monitor the well-being of the children and to regulate the educational services, a special committee at the district level will be established.
  • Rs.3 Lakh will be given for women who have been widowed due to Covid 19 infection and are with children. This measure will be carried out as an immediate relief assistance. Similar kind of assistance will be provided to men who have lost their wives due to this infection and are with children.
  • Children who are under the care of guardians/relatives will be given a sum of Rs 3000 every month. This measure will continue till the children attain the age of 18.
  • The Guidelines for this package will be outlined by a committee headed by the Finance Secretary with the NGOs and other officials. 

 Rigorous measures are taken in the state of Tamilnadu to fight the covid 19 wave. The Children Relief Fund Package steps forwards as a huge aid during this pandemic phase.


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