TT Group MD opens up on lack of skilled logistics personnel in India.

There are many supply chain management courses available across different universities in India.

TT Group MD

TT Group chairman and managing director Arun Vasu recently opened up about the lack of skilled logistics personnel in India and why he is tying up with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU) to offer courses on logistics and supply chain sectors to industry professionals in India. TT SKILL, a new division of TT Group now offers courses on cold chain management, time-sensitive cargo management, and dangerous goods management.

He stated, “There are many supply chain management courses available across different universities in India. So we wanted to focus on the pain points of the industry and these three are very crucial from a logistics perspective. Unlike many other industries, very less can be learned from textbooks about logistics”.

Vasu spoke to STAT Media Group in an exclusive video conversation during the recently ended Air Cargo India 2022 about the journey of TT Group from being a GSA for airlines to using that knowledge to introduce bonded trucking in several airports across India.

TT Trucking, a subsidiary of the TT Group, has recently begun operating bonded trucking from Delhi International Airport and has already received customs approval to operate from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. He discussed the future of Indian air cargo, as well as how Indian airlines should handle their cargo operations, which brought in significant revenue even while passenger sales were down.

“Today airlines fly everywhere in the country but it is not feasible. You need to have a hub and spoke model. So they need to consolidate as a cargo airline in one airport and it has to be a feeder service,” he said. The Covid-19 pandemic, according to Vasu, has demonstrated the worth of bonded transportation, and people have recognised the importance of what they do.

“I was always fascinated by trucking. When I go to Europe, where the entire region is connected with trucks, it fascinates me. When we decided to get into trucking we were particularly interested in custom bonded trucking because there was a gap. We were trying to bring in our expertise from the airline side. There were many challenges and resistance. We struggled,” he said.


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