Twitter to add edit button in bid to curb harmful content.

Twitter edit button

Twitter is planning to finally add a new feature allowing users to edit harmful/ disturbing content rather than delete them completely. It has been a long wait for Twitter users to finally get what they wanted.

Techie Mukul Sharma took to Twitter to give a sneak peek at the latest feature. Here’s what he said: Twitter Edit button is here, but only for potentially abusive/harmful/offensive tweets for now. Plus, Twitter is testing a like/dislike feature, which lets you view the stats (likes, comments, RTs) in the notifications section itself and lets you engage with the tweet right there. 

When someone types offensive/disturbing content on their tweet box, the Twitter algorithm will automatically send a pop-up suggestion to review the text before the user hits the tweet button, along with options like deleting the post or posting a tweet. In addition, Twitter is also testing a like/dislike mark in the notification tray itself.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, conducted a Twitter poll asking users whether they would like an “edit button”. Later, he struck an acquisition deal with Twitter for $44 billion.



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